Stuart Goldsmith’s Top 5 Ways to Avoid commitment

Stuart Goldsmith'Fringe 2014
Stuart Goldsmith'Fringe 2014
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SO, she wants a child, you don’t. Here’s how to sidestep fatherhood...

1 - Offer a cash alternative: “£100 per week for life if we don’t have one”. (You could triple this and still save in the long term.)

2 – Diminished responsibility: Start bandying around potential kids names like Captain, Berzzzerker or anything with a hashtag in it.

3 - Bury your head in the sand: Maybe if you can get your head right in there, tamp down some wet sand on top, and stay buried for a bit.

You’ll learn some lessons on willpower that’ll solve your initial problem...

4 – Invent a hereditary condition: “But sweetheart, there’s a 25% chance he’ll be a hipster. Can we take that risk?”

5 - Get over yourself: Do you want someone to look after you when you’re old, or what?

Get at it, and keep going until you get a girl.

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