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A perfect weekend: Joe Tree, chief executive of Blipfoto.com

Joe Tree is chief executive of Blipfoto.com and a judge in the VELUX Lovers of Light creative photography competition.

1 Who would be your ideal weekend companion? My wonderful six-year-old daughter, Bella (and her wonderful mum).

2 Where would you take them in Edinburgh? For a swim at Glenogle swimming pool. If the weather was good, we’d cycle there on our bikes.

3 Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner and why? Breakfast at The Haven, which has a masterful mix of friendliness, good food and sensible prices – and one of their veggie fry-ups leaves no room for lunch. Back to the house and homemade pizzas for dinner, because nobody makes them like we do.

4 What item could you not be without and why? My camera, naturally. Although since the recent release of the shiny new Blipfoto iPhone app, my phone has become my camera.

5 How would you finish your perfect weekend? Putting Bella to bed, then catching up with one of my favourite Danish thrillers on iPlayer.




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