Capital workmen dig around Waverley abandoned car

The stricken Mercedes, in the Waverley car park

The stricken Mercedes, in the Waverley car park

A CARELESS city motorist has been left high and dry by Edinburgh workmen after abandoning their car in the middle of scheduled works.

The owner of the navy S Series Mercedes Benz is in for a big surprise when they return to their car within Waverley station’s car park - after workmen dug up the surface around the vehicle.

Workmen began the second phase of resurfacing works on Friday and had hoped the owner of the car would return before they began.

However after almost a week no owner has come forward and contractors had no option but to begin.

Police are understood to now be attempting to trace the owner.

A workman said: “The whole area had been cordoned off prior to the work beginning. The guy couldn’t have missed them. He’s in for one hell of a shock when he gets back.”




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