Case study: Don’t put off your flu jab

Katie Urquhart

Katie Urquhart

KATIE Urquhart, 30, a communications officer from Comely Bank, was one of the first to receive her flu jab last month and is now urging others to follow suit.

As a diabetic, Ms Urquhart is one of the under-65s with a heightened risk of the illness and said the importance of getting the flu jab could not be under-estimated.

She said: “I think there are quite a few misconceptions that the flu jab is not effective or that people who have it will end up with a dose of the flu.

“It is an unavoidable fact that if I was struck with flu I would take a long time to recover, as having diabetes results in a longer recovery time from illness as well as the risk of other serious health complications.

“I prioritise getting the flu jab because I refuse to allow illness to govern my life. I do my very best to ensure that I successfully manage my illness whilst refusing to be dictated by it.”

For more information on the vaccine or to find out whether you are eligible for a free jab contact NHS Inform on 0800 224488 or visit www.immunisationscotland.org.uk.




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