Cutting edge styles of yesteryear

Tony Stephens demonstrates a 'Mary Quant' style at Salon Henry hairdressing. Picture: TSPL
Tony Stephens demonstrates a 'Mary Quant' style at Salon Henry hairdressing. Picture: TSPL
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IT was the must-have hairstyle of the swinging ’60s with fashion designer Mary Quant at the trailblazing fore.

Her distinctive wedge bob cut inspired thousands of women across the country to follow suit, putting demands on hairdressers the nation over to recreate the iconic look.

Such was the case in May 1968 when London-based hairdresser Tony Stephens – pictured above – demonstrated how the job could be done at Salon Henry, on Frederick Street, watched on by an enthusiastic group of local stylists.

Nowadays, as the Evening News Salon of the Year 2014 competition reaches its final stages, hairdressers are asked to create looks such as that of the Duchess of Cambridge with her glossy, bouncy Chelsea blow-dry. The cut looks like it is here to stay for some time yet, although it is improbable these styles from the National Hairdressers Federation Competition of January 1964 will be making a return to the fashion world any time soon.

Held at the Grosvenor Hotel, models sat patiently at mirror-clad tables as their barnets were piled high and hairsprayed until brick hard.

This picture – above – from November 1986 saw the turn of the boys to get their hair pampered, this time backstage at the King’s Theatre, Tollcross, ahead of Gang Show rehearsals. Shown here is a group of good-spirited Scouts taking it in turn to get a trim from a local stylist.

And in November 1965, well-known city hairdresser Charlie Miller was pictured with a dapper-looking John Greig – who played for Rangers at the time – in his salon as they toasted the star’s recent winner for Scotland against Italy.