Cyclists face stair railing security fear

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POLICE are warning cyclists in the Inverleith area not to secure their bikes to railings in common stairs following a spate of thefts.

A total of 137 bikes were stolen in the area between last April and January, compared with 99 for the same period in the previous year – an increase of 38 per cent.

A police spokesman said that the recent thefts had mainly come from common stairs in the Learmonth, Comely Bank and Stockbridge areas. He added: “Some bicycle owners have secured their high-value bicycles to stair railings.

“Stair railings are made of cast iron, which snap easily when hit by a heavy object.

“With the agreement of other residents, those securing pedal cycles within a common stair should do so with ground or wall anchors.

“If you can’t do this then keep your bicycle within your home.”