Edinburgh on Twitter: Who’s the best to follow?

Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy is the city's most popular tweeter. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy is the city's most popular tweeter. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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EVERYONE’S at it, what with their smart comments and shrewd observations, all crammed into a mere 140 characters.

There seems to be no escaping it – hashtags on television shows, celebrity tweets making the news. Hard to imagine what life was like before we were all glued 24 hours a day to our Twitter feed.

Of course for those who haven’t quite been bitten by the Twitter bug, there can be a slight sense of bewilderment at just what all this twittering is, how to do it, who actually does it. . . . why? And for the rest of us, finding our way through the ever-expanding Twitter maze – who to follow and how to find 
them –can feel just a bit overwhelming.

So, if you’re new to Twitter or just seeking out a few Edinburgh voices to add to your Twitter feed, we’ve tracked down 50 of the Capital’s top tweeters – in no particular order – to take the pain out of finding someone to follow.

The list was compiled for fun and not based on any particular criteria. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on who should or shouldn’t be included. In fact, tweet us @edinburghpaper and use the hashtag #topofthetweets.

DALE A THOMSON (@daleathomson) The hip-hop music producer has his own clothes range and 207,060 followers. TOP TWEET: “If I was ever asked to make a random noise by someone out of the blue, I think I would meow for some weird reason.”

MARY STUART may have lost her head, but she’s got her voice - and 7427 followers - on Twitter as @TheQueenofScots. TOP TWEET: “I need a man. Preferably a freakishly tall, obscenely wealthy, well-equipped, fashionable-but-not-too-gay soldier of the blood royal.”

Football fans keep up to date thanks to Tom Hall (@ScotFootBlog) with 6035 followers. Not all football-related. TOP TWEET: “The dream of finding the 100% chocolate Kit Kat replaced by the nightmare of the 100% horsemeat Findus lasagne.#brokenBritain.”

Never heard of Liam Dryden? 38,217 Twitter followers of @LiamDrydenEtc get updates from the Edinburgh student. TOP TWEET: “Awesome Fact That is About to Destroy My Life: All five seasons of Jackie Chan Adventures are on Netflix”

Lots of entert-ainment promised for the 2961 followers of @LiamRudden, the Edinburgh Evening News entertainments editor LIAM RUDDEN.

TOP TWEET: “In #Dublin, @BGETheatre, loving #HighSociety. Had forgotten just how good #MichaelPraed is... fantastic musical theatre performer.”

Ex-GMTV presenter turned Edinburgh foody STEPHEN JARDINE (@StephenJardine) has 3716 followers to update. TOP TWEET: “Vogue has analysed every appearance by Kate Middleton. Average hair curl is 2.5 mm and she wears pink 7% of the time. Now my day can begin.”

RICHARD WISEMAN (@Richard Wiseman) is Twitter’s most followed British psychologist with 115,773. TOP TWEET: “Just heard kid on bus say ‘My mum had a go at me for only getting 4 out of 20 in maths, until I pointed out that was almost 60%’.”

She stole Harry Potter’s heart as Choo Chang, and actress KT LEUNG (@KT_Leung) has 57,060 devoted followers.TOP TWEET:“Happy Chinessssse New Year of the Ssssssssnake. Hope it’s full of happinessssss and prossssperity.”

You can rely on Forth One’s Breakfast Show host BOOGIE (@BoogsTweets) to give his 13,544 followers a laugh in under 140 characters. TOP TWEET: “I’m starving. I could eat a horse.”

Round the world cyclist MARK BEAUMONT (@MrMarkBeaumont) seems to be rarely at home, and keeps his 18,713 followers in the loop with regular updates. TOP TWEET: “Back in Scotland – always a good feeling even when it is blowing a hoolie! Bit of a shock when still dressed for 40 deg c in Malaysia.”

Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland back row DAVID DENTON (@dentweezy) shares the highs and lows of the game with 7654 followers. The entire Edinburgh Rugby squad all regularly tweet. TOP TWEET: “Can’t tell u how much the support we had tonight means. It’s been a tough season + have the utmost respect for the fans who have stuck by us.”

Fitness and health guru AMANDA HAMILTON (@AmandaDetox) gives her 7890 devotees nutrition and exercise tips.

TOP TWEET: “Gym membership cancellation – what a palava. Designed to drive us mad or retain our hard earned? David Lloyd Leisure, je suis unimpressed.”

MARK ANGELS, a teenage Christian rock singer from Edinburgh, has an impressive flock of 63,413 followers.TOP TWEET: “Being ill means I can’t sing and when I can’t sing I get a little annoyed and when I get a little annoyed I make toast...”

Edinburgh’s top tweeter by far is Olympic hero SIR CHRIS HOY (@chrishoy) with a whopping 455,404 followers – and rising by the minute.

Top Tweet: “The motorway matrix signs tonight had some useful info. ‘Keep your windscreen clear’. Thanks for that. What’s next? ‘Keep breathing?’

Accordionist PHIL CUNNINGHAM (@hielandcoo), usually seen on television at New Year with fiddler Aly McBain, tweets to 3752 followers. TOP TWEET: “Great! Hairspray under the arms again!!! #should’vegonetospecsavers.

While Hearts midfielder CALLUM PATERSON (@Callump7) has time to tweet to his 4287 followers now he’s crocked through injury. TOP TWEET: “Operation went well this morning:) really bad timing but on the mend and I can’t wait to get back playing!!!”

He didn’t make it through to win X Factor but STORM LEE is still going strong, tweeting to 13,560 @MrStormLee followers about... X Factor. TOP TWEET: “How is everyone’s 2013 going? I just watched a video by @onedirection and to me the boys haven’t changed a bit. Annoying as hell. Haha”

JK ROWLING (@jk_rowling) created Twitter mayhem when she signed up – she has 1,614,593 followers and managed all of 17 tweets. TOP TWEET: “Pen and paper are still my priority over tweeting.”

Singer songwriter KT Tunstall has been busy recording, but has still found some time to update the 55,184 followers of her @KTTunstall account TOP TWEET: “Just received the mix of my first single from Arizona where it’s 1am and I can tell you Tweeps, I am EX.CI.TED!!!! #wanttoleakitNOW”

Ex-Hibs player Mickey Weir keeps the 1409 followers of @MichaelWeir9 keep up to date with his thoughts on the game. TOP TWEET: “Breaking news, dropped for the five a side team last night after 1 bad performance. Time to put boots in the bin I think.”

ROSCO ROBERTSON (140,647 followers) says he’s a photographer, creative head, gin drinker and smart dresser on his @TheQueerGuy profile. TOP TWEET: “This having iTunes on my phone is costing me a fortune. Can’t stop downloading Jacques Lu Cont remixes.”

Everyone’s favourite Edinburgh dog GREYFRIARS BOBBY doesn’t woof – he tweets, occasionally x-rated, as @greyfriarskirk to some 492 followers.

TOP TWEET: “They say curiosity kilt thi cat eh? Bit it looked awfy like thi 16 bus thit jist kilt that moggie oan Lauriston Place thair likes.”

Edinburgh Rugby’s scrum half RICHIE REES (@RichieRees) shares his thoughts with 12,570 followers.

TOP TWEET: “Never trust a grown man wearing a full football kit.”

Some Twitter names have been changed to protect the innocent - or guilty. @WeeMentalDaz from Niddrie has 3617 followers. TOP TWEET: “Eating a microwaveable meal waeoot a microwave isnae gid. It’s like eating a chicken curry ice cream for dinner.”

He does panto! He’s on the radio! He’s on the back of buses! Naturally GRANT STOTT is on Twitter@GrantStott973 has 10,676 followers. TOP TWEET:“That moment when you’ve booked an 18 seater to see your son in the Cup Final and it turns out you’ve actually only booked an 8 seater! #oops.”

Talented singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt has amassed 52,938 “nesbian” followers who hang on @NinaNesbitt’s every status update. TOP TWEET: “It’s my birthday kind of soon... Does anyone want to donate a house? I feel it’d help my creativity.”

Merchiston ‘doctor’ with criminal tendencies and 1188 followers, Annabel Lecter (@DrAnnabelLecter) may or may not be entirely real. TOP TWEET: “What’s all the fuss about Tesco ‘Horseburgers’? The Food Standards Agency should come and test my home made ones. They’d *sh!t* themselves!

Mosquito expert Dr JAMES LOGAN (@Dr_JamesLogan) is a regular on C4’s Embarrassing Bodies series. His 3386 followers are just as likely to be told which pub he’s in as fascinating scientific news. TOP TWEET: “I found out tonight that I say idear instead of idea! What’s that about?! #scottish

Former Scotsman editor MAGNUS LINKLATER is a master of the wry observation for @MagnusLinklater’s 765 followers. TOP TWEET: “Les Mis: we sat in a packed cinema, completely silent, rapt in a tale of guilt, duty, redemption and terrible singing.”

IAN RANKIN takes time out from Rebus novels to update the 48,864 followers of his @Beathhigh profile on what he’s up to. TOP TWEET: “That’s a wrap on day 1 of new book. Scene-setting, but ok as far as it goes. Plot kicks off in earnest next chapter - hopefully...”

Livingston speed skater ELISE CHRISTIE will be going for gold at the Winter Olympics when surely the 546 followers of her @Elise_Christie account will soon be joined by many more. TOP TWEET: “Soo happy with this season! Winning a world cup title is amazing. Life’s good! One more hurdle left this season! The team will smash it up!”

MARK COOPER ran 50 marathons in 56 days – it’s a wonder he has time to update his @runwithmark status. His 3754 followers can find out what it takes to be a marathon man. TOP TWEET: “Good night, up early for 10 fast miles at marathon pace. Best way to start any day. Pints of h2o when I get in.”

COMEDIAN JO CAULFIELD (@jo_caulfield) brings stand-up laughs to her 10,258 twitter-sphere followers. TOP TWEET: “National Libraries Day? Already?? Seems like only yesterday I put away last years decorations.”

JOJO SUTHERLAND from South Queensferry shares experiences of life as a mum on the stand-up circuit with 1367 followers of @jojosutherland. TOP TWEET: According to my daughter - I’m cool! Except it turns out cool is an acronym for Constipated Overweighted Old Lady #cheerskid....”

Not for the easily offended, author IRVINE WELSH (@welshirvine), followers 59,729, does occasionally swear. TOP TWEET: “On those American true crime TV documentaries the dodgy bird is always called Brandy and the victim is invariably a Melissa.”

City leader Andrew Burns has a following of 1315 to his @AndrewDBurns account. Top Tweet: “Truly remarkable: have survived combination of Labour / Green / & Lib-Dem Christmas Parties (all on the same night) in the City Chambers ;-)”

Gary Tank Commander GARY McLINTOCH aka Morningside actor Greg McHugh, gives his 85,922 followers the benefit of his remarkable insight as @GaryTank. TOP TWEET: “Ah seriousleh dinny ken how some o they leggins can take it. #newcastle”

City born Skins actress FREYA MAVOR @freyamavor has been telling her 39,641 fans of her visit to Paris. TOP TWEET: “The most wonderfully Parisian sunday - meal, red wine, live jazz, friends and strangers. Judge me if you will, the cliché feels great.”

Author ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH (@McCallSmith) often treats his 9130 followers to short stories and poems. TOP TWEET: “Remember, in this life, to read the time signature, observe the rests/ Advice, like all advice, we soon ignore.”

Hibs midfielder SCOTT ROBERTSON (@scottrobbo8) talks a good game and also proves to his 3427 followers that family is just as important. TOP TWEET: “It’s hard to beat the buzz you get when you feel your wife’s belly and your baby is kicking for the first time #3rdandlastone”

The real Sir Sean doesn’t tweet but BIG TAM CONNERY does. @BigTamConnery has 2310 Twitter followers and a distinctive Sean-like twang. TOP TWEET: “Time to go and find a dushter & a pinny & be domeshtic for a while.”

Former Simple Minds manager and Hibs fan BRUCE FINDLAY has 1632 followers of his @brucerisk account.

TOP TWEET: “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done’ ...... shopping!! ....won’t do itself! Saturday afternoon ..Stockbridge! #smile.

Author SARA SHERIDAN writes historical novels when she’s not updating @sarasheridan for her 2105 followers. TOP TWEET: “Am watching Taken 2. Liam Neeson has just killed half the Albanians in Istanbul and is now off to do the other half... *sighs*”

Boxer ALEX ARTHUR MBE (@AlexArthur1) is worth following if the New Year diet has hit a slump. His 10,122 followers get regular motivational tweet. TOP TWEET: “There are 1million reasons you can come up with to not workout & eat well but I’ll give you 2 reasons to work out - Your health & your future.”

Olympic 800m athlete LynseySharp (@LynseySharp ) recently let off steam to her 6488

Twitter fans when she turned up at Meadowbank to find it closed. One of many hazards she faces... TOP TWEET: “I’ve trained at the same track for over 10 years, yet the smell of McDonalds and Chinese takeaway on the top bend gets me everytime!”

Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin (@TomKitchin) last week broke hot news about his business to his 25,626 followers. TOP TWEET: “Followers, you’ll be the first to know: we will be opening a pub in Stockbridge, Edinburgh in the spring...”

Alana and Lisa Macfarlane are otherwise known as @TheMacTwins. The Edinburgh DJ sisters present a show on Radio 1XTR TOP TWEET: “*panics* I can’t find Disco crisps anywhere!!! :( has anyone caught sight of them recently?!”

JASON DEGNAN (@JasonDegnan) owns Simmering Scents (30,236 followers). TOP TWEET: “500 people unfollowed me over night, that’s not cool, it’s coming upto valentines day, where is the love? Share the love!!!”

He’s been absent from television for a while, but impressionist RORY BREMNER (@rorybremner) is entertaining 42,984 followers: TOP TWEET: “Beckham joins Paris St Germain. Dismisses language problem. ‘I’ll just have to learn German’.”

Film maker MARK COUSINS (@markcousinsfilm) shares his ideas and thoughts with his 10,343 followers. TOP TWEET: “Thinking of Hitchcock: I’d love 2 c a kind of remake of Vertigo with genders reversed: Maggie Cheung as James Stewart.Ryan Gosling as Kim N?”