Comedy review: Phill Jupitus, Voices in Your Head

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AT the beginning of this show the disembodied voice of Deborah Frances-White tells us that comedian Phill Jupitus has no idea what lies in store for him tonight.

* * *

Pleasance Dome

The premise of this show, called Voices in Your Head - The Phill Jupitus Experiment, is that he’ll be made to improvise funnies based around a set of random characters and locations, with a few audience suggestions thrown in for good measure.

The show, at the Pleasance Dome, skips along well enough, with Jupitus on this particular evening being asked to assume the roles of a 19th century Scottish doctor of questionable repute, a 90s Californian puppeteer, a Melbourne drug dealer, a Sherlock Holmes-esque detective, and himself - on drugs.

However, improv works best when there is a genuine sense of challenge or threat, and unfortunately this show seems to provide neither, with our very own ‘Voice of God’ even at times seeming to become flustered by what Jupitus throws back at her.

There’s no doubt he’s a gifted comedian, and certainly throws in a few memorable off-the-cuff one-liners, but at no point does he seem stretched by the tasks he is given.

Like the bubbles given to the front row with specific instructions on how to deploy them that went unused, it all seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.

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