Comment: Fringe keeps getting bigger and better

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the laws of physics tell us that the Fringe cannot continue expanding indefinitely, there is after all a limited amount of space within the city.

But there are no signs that the world’s favourite arts festival is reaching its reasonable limits. Every August it feels like the Fringe can’t keep getting bigger and better – at least not without creating some major downsides – yet somehow it manages to find a way to reinvent itself and defy the odds.

The big increase in the number of free shows on offer, the successful take-over of George St, new super-venues like Summerhall in the old Dick Vet School, and the growth of spin-off events like the Fringe by the Sea in North Berwick have all helped fuel the growth in recent years.

And the growing number of events has not led to a drop in quality. Audiences continue to enjoy plenty of first-class entertainment – amid the inevitable duds that were always there – while the opportunities to soak up the atmosphere outdoors in George Street and St Andrew Square have added hugely to the festival experience.

Besides all this, the city has managed not to grind to a halt, despite the added complications of the trams making their festival debut and the closure of Waverley Station to taxis.

The simple fact is Edinburgh’s festivals are the best in the world – and long may they stay that way.

We all ought to be immensely proud of that fact – and enjoy them if we can before they slip away for another year.

Trams a little late

The late night tram services announced today for the Festival Fireworks is a great idea and should help the night run more smoothly for thousands of visitors and residents alike.

We hope the experiment is a great success and leads to many more late night festival services. It is only a shame that the idea wasn’t tried out two weeks ago.