Edinburgh Airport to feature in TV documentary

Airport duty manager Lorna Firth. Picture: BBC
Airport duty manager Lorna Firth. Picture: BBC
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Mention Edinburgh Airport to the average person and they will probably think of their next holiday, business trip, or the much-awaited tram link from the city centre.

Behind the scenes, however, is a core of staff whose tireless work keeps Scotland’s busiest air travel hub running 24 hours a day.

Now a new documentary is set to lift the lid on the inner workings of Edinburgh Airport when it airs next week.

Made for BBC Scotland by Sundog Pictures, the two-part series follows a range of staff – from Tannoy announcer Lorraine Morley, one of the voices of the airport, to chief executive Gordon Dewar – as they go about their daily jobs.

It was filmed throughout 2013 – the busiest year in the airport’s history, and a time of transition, as it was only taken over by new management in the previous year. The two hour-long episodes follow all sorts of twists and turns – some more bizarre than others.

New boarding pass security scanners cause confusion when passengers believe “face-down” means holding their face against the scanner. And on the busiest day of the year, faced with 40,000 passengers, the main baggage belt fails.

The airport also plays host to a full-scale emergency operation, viewers will see the arrival of the British Airways Dreamliner aircraft, and the concluding episode also looks at how bird strikes can be the biggest threat to the 300 flights which pass through every day.

Mr Dewar said: “The airport is an environment where you see the outside, and not the inside. We wanted to show the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.”

Mr Dewar said the documentary was an “unvarnished and honest view”. “It’s a good, honest portrayal, a snapshot in time of the airport,” he added. “Hopefully the whole message is that we have got a good and dedicated team here.”

The documentary Stars of Inside Edinburgh Airport will be screened on BBC One Scotland on Thursday, April 17 and Thursday, April 24 between 9pm and 10pm.