Evening News Podcast: Ryan Cass (Ryzo)

Ryan Cass
Ryan Cass
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2012 has been a busy year for Ryan Cass. He played at this year’s RockNess festival in the Sub Club Sound System alongside Ivan Smagge, Eats Everything, Auntie Flo and techno godfather Jeff Mills.

Back in Edinburgh he can be found DJing at Karnival or appearing at MUSIKA. Highlights have included DJing at various outdoor parties including a castle party south of the border and a boat party on the banks of Loch Lomond alongside AGENT & M!n, who belong to Loco Dice’s label Desolat.

Ryan has also been busy on the podcast front, submitting mixes to Edinburgh-based SHA (Special Housing Association) - his debut cast received more plays than Scottish DJ duo Slam! The next few months look to be shaping up very well, with a bi-monthly residency at Karnival, and ‘No Strings Attached’ with Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston.

Q & A:

1. Top tune at the moment - Haules Baules - Hit Me Slowly 2. 1st track bought – My first piece of vinyl was Dave Clarke – ‘Red 2’ which cost me about £8 that was in 1996!

3. Favourite all time track is… Ron Trent – Altered States.

4. Favourite DJ(s) 2012 - Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston (ALFOS) 5. What made you want to be a DJ/producer? – watching my brother trying to mix and thinking I could do better than that.

6. If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be? A clubber, lost in the music.

7. What was your first experience of clubbing? – When I was 14 I sneaked into my brother’s night ‘No Strings Attached’, that’s probably when/why I started DJing!

8. What DJs and artists have influenced you? Richie Hawtin, Slam and Andrew Weatherall 9. How would you describe your style? I like to keep my style as unique as possible. I try and keep away from playing the same as every other DJ - that’s too easy.

10. When working in the studio, do you have a golden formula? Twist and press as many buttons as possible!

11. What’s your favourite piece of studio equipment? Ableton 9.

12. What set up do you use when DJing? MacBook Pro with Traktor Pro/Audio 10 and 2 x Xone1D’s.

13. What advice can you give anyone wanting to DJing? Don’t get sucked in by playing what’s trendy (anyone can do that), dig a little deeper and you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work.

14. Have you got a favourite club or festival? Sub Club (Glasgow) is by far one of the best clubs in the world. The management operate a strict musical policy which is forward thinking and it’s still rammed every weekend.

15. What’s been happening in 2012? I’ve been very busy playing at various parties including Karnival and MUSIKA. I played RockNess in the Sub Club Sound System tent alongside Jeff Mills, Ivan Smagge and Eats Everything.

16. What’s your plan for the future? To work hard to play at as many gigs and festivals as possible.

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