Fashion: Awards season glamour

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We are in the thick of awards season which has been awash with sumptuous fashion to stare at.

From the bold block colours at the Golden Globes to the quirky choices at this year’s Baftas, it is easy to forget the ceremonies when your eyes are feasting on the frocks live from the red carpet.

Picture: Julie Bull

Picture: Julie Bull

But what does an off-duty drama queen wear when she is away from all the glitz and glamour?

It is a mixture of good old Hollywood glamour and impeccably polished ensembles. This look proves a starlet is never really off-duty, with hair and nails in perfect manicured conditions and make-up executed with precision.

The Twin Set

A classic two-piece is the definition of a daytime starlet.

The secret to this look is colour. Spring is awash with it, from soft pastel shades to vibrant citrus tones.

Marry the top and bottom half for a pulled-together look and finish it all off with a statement clutch that’s really only for show. By that I mean if you can fit your phone, bank card and one lipstick in then it’s the right size for this look.

Accessories were made for this theme so have fun with them.

Pop sunglasses in your hair for a splash of contrasting colour.

For footwear, I’d go for a modern pointed court with chunky heel to keep the look current.

The White Stuff

Suits have taken a turn to the androgynous side this season which plays into our drama queen theme perfectly.

Channel an off-duty Katharine Hepburn and her love for laddish tailoring. This siren lit up the silver screen in the 1930s with her bold fashion choices that wouldn’t look out of place amongst the fashion set today.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you have to buy a full-on suit to do this look. I’ve paired some wide-leg trousers from Debenhams with a Miss Selfridge blazer and opted for a soft chiffon shirt to sit underneath it all.

The real clincher here is in the footwear. These chunky flat sandals may seem alien right now but come summer you’ll be living in them. They are quite a leap from our love of sky-scrapper high heels but this season they are the only option if you want to do this look right. High heels would ruin the sense of androgyny.

Knit and Net

Cashmere and soft knits are a massive hit for spring/summer so style them up however you please as they are one of the easiest things to throw on to look chic.

They have a chameleon-like capacity to change the dynamic of any outfit. Teamed with a tiny mini skirt you instantly feel confident in your choice of bare legs because the top half is covered, or popped over a full tulle gown to give the illusion you’ve sat in a Grace Kelly styling master class.