Film review: Cuban Fury (15)

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Nick Frost kicks up his heels in Cuban Fury, a rags-to-sequins tale of a one-time dance champion, who rediscovers his mojo in order to impress a woman.

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Nick Frost in Cuban Fury. Picture: comp

Nick Frost in Cuban Fury. Picture: comp

Jon Brown’s script owes a debt of gratitude to Baz Luhrmann, replacing the smouldering glances of the Paso Doble in Strictly Ballroom with the seductive sway of salsa.

As a teenager, Bruce Garrett (Frost) won trophies with his sister Sam (Olivia Colman) under the tutelage of dance teacher Ron Parfitt (Ian McShane). Alas, at the height of their success, Bruce suffered at the hands of bullies and quit dancing.

Twenty-five years later, Bruce designs lathes. The arrival of new boss Julia (Rashida Jones) kindles a spark of life in Bruce. and when he learns that Julia loves to salsa, he nervously heads back to the dance floor.