Fringe review - Frankenstein: Unbolted *****

Frankenstein Unbolted. Pic: Comp
Frankenstein Unbolted. Pic: Comp
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IT’S a story that’s been resurrected to death, but with its gripping plot and classic characters it’s hard not to let this story lay to rest.

Frankenstein: Unbolted sees comedy trio Last Chance Saloon telling the tale in their own twisted style.

It’s fair to say that Sam Dunham, Jack Faires and Jack Gogarty have taken this classic story and successfully made it their own.

Coming across like a pantomime, expect some pop song parodies, screwball comedy and characters who will charm the pants off you.

The fact they don’t take things too seriously, combined with their audience interaction, makes for great fun. Even still, their vision is clever, sleek and utterly fantastic.

Each member of the troupe has their own unique stage presence, and their antics are perhaps some of the most fun you’ll see this year.

Reminiscent of Mel Brook’s classic movie, Young Frankenstein, Last Chance Saloon wonderfully give a nod to the golden days of comedy. Expect something in the same vein of The Three Stooges, Not The Nine O’ Clock News and Monty Python. Their comic timing, choreography and outlandish characters will have you gasping for breath.

Run ends 24 August