Gareth Edwards’ TV review 23/08/2011

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The Truth About Cheryl Cole

Five, 9pm, last night

THE X Factor is back, and with it any lingering chance of making it through the weekend without being subjected to a hyper-edited human freakshow in need of an auto-tune.

The flaming titles, swooping visuals and demented hopefuls were once again present and correct, but something important was missing.

Not Simon Cowell, neatly replaced by a surprisingly mean-spirited Gary Barlow, and not Louis, who is able to be there since he has time on his hands while creepy pop-twins Jedward are busy upping the ‘weirdometer’ on Five’s Celebrity Big Brother.

No, it was nation’s sweetheart and ‘wor pet’ Cheryl Cole, who opted to go for the American X Factor, then got dumped and found herself jobless.

Several versions of the ‘truth’ of all this have been played out endlessly in tabloids, glossy mags and beauty salons up and down the country, but thanks to this ‘insightful’ documentary, those missing their dose of Cheryl got to find out what her vocal coach made of it all.