Hysterical and screaming: Zayn Malik meets 1D fans

Zayn Malik of One Direction with Edinburgh's Got talent winner (2011) Caitlyn Vanbeck.
Zayn Malik of One Direction with Edinburgh's Got talent winner (2011) Caitlyn Vanbeck.
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The Capital got a small taste of One Direction fever when boy band star Zayn Malik was spotted ahead of last night’s Little Mix concert at the Usher Hall.

The 21-year-old singer, who is engaged to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards, 20, caused a flurrry of excitement when he was seen leaving the venue by delighted fans yesterday afternoon.

And as word spread a crowd of more than 200 people fan quickly gatered around his car, with many taking pictures to post on social media sites.

Among those joining the crowd was 2011 Edinburgh Has Talent winner Caitlyn Vanbeck, 16, who attends Ross High School and said she had been “hysterical” after getting a picture with her boyband idol after going down to see if she could spot Little Mix at around 3.30pm.

She said: “I thought I’d chance my luck and go up to the Usher Hall early to see if I could meet Little Mix before the concert.

“They were doing their sound check I went up and was waiting outside. While they were getting out of the tour bus I saw Zayn appear with them out of no where. I got the fright of my life because I’m the biggest Directioner ever.

“I had no clue he was going to be there. He came out of the tour bus with Perrie [Edwards from Little Mix] because obviously they are engaged.”

At this point there were only around ten fans there, but when Zayn returned at 5pm he was greeted with a much bigger crowd - although the singer took it all in his stride.

Caitlyn said: “It then went out on Twitter that he was in Edinburgh and about 200 girls suddenly arrived to the Usher Hall. They all started pushing and shoving so I started to walk away thinking we’d never get near him. But when I walked to the traffic lights at Standard Life, I pushed the button to cross the road and Zayn’s car stopped at the lights.

“I looked at the car like I knew who was in it, and edged up to the curb then he put his window down and said ‘Come over and get a photo babe?’ and I ran over and threw myself at his car.

“I got my photo and then started hysterically crying and screaming. Then all these other girls had come over and were banging on his car.”

Fans who missed out shouldn’t be too disappointed - Zayn will be back in Edinburgh next month, with One Direction set to perform at a sold-out Murrayfield, when more than 60,000 fans expected to cheer on the chart-toppers.