Jonathan Melville: Just don’t have great blockbuster expectations

Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel
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IT’S amazing how good you can feel coming out of a terrible film when your expectations were low going in.

Take Pacific Rim. It’s over-hyped with atrocious dialogue, laughable characters, a weak plot and plot holes you could drive a Jaeger through. But it does have some stunning special effects, which, when viewed in IMAX, are a joy to the senses.

I didn’t expect much from the film before I saw it, knowing that it was basically an excuse to throw a few million dollars of CGI at the screen and drop a few actors into the foreground. While I don’t think it’s a classic, I got what I wanted and left feeling like I’d watch Pacific Rim 2, if just for more robot vs alien creature action.

Another summer blockbuster I took myself to was Man of Steel, Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise which I first wrote about in this column 12 months ago this week, when the first teaser trailer arrived online.

Since then I’ve not given Man of Steel too much thought, but was hoping for something that might be more brains over brawn, a fresh take on the Superman saga which last did anything interesting at the cinema back in 1980 with Superman II.

Inevitably, Man of Steel was pretty hopeless, ditching any attempt at interesting characters for a gratuitous fight sequence in which thousands of innocent people were killed.

As a result, I’ll be avoiding Man of Steel 2, Batman vs Superman, for as long as possible when it appears in a year or so.

The moral of the story? Have low expectations of 2013’s blockbusters and you might just enjoy your night out. Think about them too much and you’ll inevitably be disappointed.


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