Jonathan Melville: The shape of movies to come . .

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AS Edinburgh slowly returns to normal after the festive season, our cinemas are gearing up to continue what they do best by sending a bundle of new films our way.

The first big release is Les Misérables, Tom Hooper’s take on the stage version of Victor Hugo’s classic novel of love and revenge in revolution-era France.

Quentin Tarantino returns to cinemas on January 18 with Django Unchained, a spaghetti western set in America’s pre-Civil War Deep South. Featuring Jamie Foxx in the title role, Django also stars Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

On the same day the sequel to 2001’s Monsters Inc arrives in the shape of Monsters University, as we see how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) met and formed a lifelong friendship.

January 25 brings us Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the former US President. It takes place in the last four months of Lincoln’s life as he tries to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, outlawing slavery and involuntary servitude. Expect Oscars for this one.

Another potential Oscar winner is released on January 25, Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, recounting the hunt for Osama bin Laden by the US. Jessica Chastain stars.

Next month it’s worth looking out for Hyde Park On Hudson, a true story of a young woman’s relationship with Franklin D Roosevelt; animated comedy Wreck-it Ralph, a perfect watch for anyone who’s ever owned a games console; and the return of Bruce Willis as John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard.


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