Karen Koren: Book a date with Brent Weinbach

Brent Weinbach Pic: Comp
Brent Weinbach Pic: Comp
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THE first weekend of the Fringe is over and it was a mixed bag of rain, a wee bit of sun and lots of people milling around. There has been a lot of Commonwealth Games fever in Scotland and Edinburgh. The Games have now ended and it is time for the culture vultures to come out to all our amazing shows on offer in the Capital.

The Gilded Balloon launch went exceptionally well and we have excellent reviews already for The Umbilical Brothers, Zoe Lyons, Juliette Burton, Tom Rhodes, Titty Bar Ha Ha and Lucy Pole.

Other shows doing well include Showstoppers, Breakfast Club, Stephen Bailey, Barry Cryer and Quentin Crisp Naked Hope. These are only a few of our shows and we look forward to more great reviews in the coming weeks.

One of the shows my staff are already excited about is little known New York comic Brent Weinbach. It’s his first time in the city and he is a really good, quirky comic. We want to encourage as many people as possible to go and see him.

On Sunday, we had the Fosters Comedy Awards lunch, hosted by its creator Nica Burns, when all the great and the good in the comedy industry meet up.

Nica created the Awards in 1981 when she had Perrier on board which led Christopher Richardson, creator of Pleasance, to say she was the only person he knew who could turn water into beer.

Nica made a heartfelt tribute to three important people in the comedy community who have died in the last year. First, local lad and a good friend of mine, John Ritchie, who was the first person to report comedy for Reuters news agency. Then Rik Mayall, who was the first comedian in the early 80s to sell out and influence many up and coming comics.

Finally, the agent Addison Cresswell, who was responsible for so many comedians’ careers.

They will all be sadly missed and all helped create the Fringe as it is today.