Karen Koren: Easter at home is fun

Pete Firman. Pic: Comp
Pete Firman. Pic: Comp
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EDINBURGH was the best place to be this Easter. The sun was shining and the weather was reportedly better than in the South of France.

We had a great Easter egg painting party on Sunday. The best thing about Easter is the kids, seeing them trying to find the eggs hidden in the garden before the egg hunt starts is charming - although the older kids zoom through like tornadoes and get the most.

We hid 120 chocolate eggs this year and my grandson Finn was the winner with 29. The least eggs were found by the youngest, who was only seven, though they all won a prize. The egg painting was pretty impressive too. We had a distinctly Scottish referendum theme with Alex Salmonella and a Yes/No split egg.

The first prizes went to a Batman egg and two that were joined together depicting the space helmets of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the film Gravity.

This week, I’m accompanying Pete Firman (pictured), the UK’s leading comedy magician; Zoe Lyons, the most impressive woman comic on the British circuit; and Canadian Tom Stade, now an Edinburgh resident, known for his comic riffs of monumental proportions, to Norway.

We travel to Stavanger and then to Bergen. It’s their first time in Norway and I am looking forward to showing them around. There is no language barrier as most people speak English. They really enjoy seeing British comics. I want to try to create regular comedy nights there, so I will be discussing that with the venue operators.

This is the second of such shows that I have been involved in and I would like to prove to the Norwegian comedy audiences that the Gilded Balloon will always bring quality shows to them and hopefully we can expand to other locations in Scandinavia and create a circuit.