Karen Koren: Festival fever is followed by telly treats

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I HAD a very quiet weekend for the first time in forever. Watched a lot of television, seemed to have missed a lot over the Festival.

I find it really hard to watch lots of episodes in one sitting. I am not one who can watch a box set in an evening.

Having said that, it doesn’t actually feel as if I’ve missed that much, to be honest. I follow Smash, very light viewing and not much to write home about. I also love a good detective story, but seem to have seen most of them before.

Vera, which has started again, is good. You can’t beat Brenda Blethyn, a really good actress. I watched two episodes and really wanted to see more, so I’ll be watching it every Sunday from now on.

Whitechapel, too, is back - unlike Vera, it is scarier than it need be. The series likes to be a little gory with an extremely far-fetched storyline. It does not have the same realism as other detective dramas, though I really like Rupert Penry-Jones as DI Joseph Chandler.

Roll on Sherlock is what I say, it can’t come soon enough for me, clever, witty and the most intriguing detective drama I have seen in ages.

I’m also looking forward to Downton Abbey coming back. I always sing Petula Clark’s Downtown in my head when I mention it, don’t know why.

It is the epitome of what we believe the upper-classes were like at the beginning of the 20th century and has most of us hooked - except many a man who would rather watch football or some sort of sport.

The new series takes us into the 1920s and I just know it will be sumptuous, exactly what we ladies enjoy of a Sunday evening.

So bring on the long dark nights and while I have the time some really good viewing.

I will be checking out any good new dramas and relishing good writing. My granddaughter believes that I know everyone on TV and asks me often if I know them, and you know... sometimes I do.