Karen Koren: Forget Black Friday, it’s panto time

Allan Stewart
Allan Stewart
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Christmas is coming round far too fast for my liking. There is always a sense of Scrooge around my thoughts at the beginning of December.

My grandchildren were all saying on Sunday that they will be able to start opening their advent calendars, which they all get at least three of each and, of course, they are filled with chocolate.

Gone are the days when the little window you open on the day has a drawing of something Christmasy! The fact is that we just have to dive into the Christmas season and enjoy it as best we can.

The Black Friday sales recently are extremely off putting and make me wonder where consumerism is heading. I certainly do not want to be fighting through masses of people to buy a television.

This imported American way of buying is crazy. We seem to have taken onboard their panic-buying style. Who actually gets the bargains and are they bargains in the end? I would imagine it is a very small minority and it causes chaos into the bargain.

This is why the internet purchase has taken off as much as it has, as there is not the hassle of struggling through crowds of people and in the main you are targeting what you buy.

With this in mind, my Christmas shopping is nearly done. My Christmas tree is purchased online through Bethany Christian Trust and an extra £10 paid towards their charity.

What I am most looking forward to is this year’s panto at the King’s. I am going tomorrow night. The show is bound to get me into the Christmas spirit. With the unbeatable comedy trio of Andy Gray, Allan Stewart and Grant Stott, who have been working together over the last 15 years, it seems they cannot put a foot wrong.

The audiences love the chemistry, with Grant always playing the ‘baddie’, Allan the ‘dame’ and Andy the joker. This year it is Aladdin that is given the treatment, looking forward to seeing the far-eastern theme with the boys in the centre of the frivolities.