Karen Koren: Hallows thief came as surprise

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HALLOWE’EN is just around the corner and already kids are getting excited about what costume to wear for trick or treating.

It was never like that in my day. We’d just dook for apples or try to catch treacle scones, hung on strings from the kitchen pulley, with our mouths, hands tied behind our back.

We’d never have thought of going outside and knocking on people’s doors, begging for money or treats. That said, we did go guising for a penny for the guy – but that was a different celebration.

I’ve been invited to dress up for a big celebrity Hallowe’en party this year. Sorry, not going. For a start it is in London; it also states on the invite that you have to be glamorous and sparkly. Not wanting to be a damp squib or anything, but I just can’t be bothered dressing up any more.

I like to look as good as possible but as far as dressing up, like a witch, devil or ghost – forget it. There is nothing worse than seeing grown men and women competing for best dressed ghoul while drinking too much. Half way through the party, with mask or make-up askew, everyone looks pretty ridiculous.

It was only a couple of years ago that I got broken into on Hallowe’en night. I was in my bed reasonably early and just falling asleep when I heard movement downstairs.

My first reaction was to hide under the duvet... but then I heard the front door opening. I jumped out of bed and shouted at the top of my voice: “Who’s there!” before gingerly walking down the stairs.

The front door was wide open and, would you believe, my car had been moved out of the drive and into the road.

I challenged the person sitting at the wheel and he got out of the car and ran away. I then went inside and dialled 999 - first time I had ever done that. When I went back to the front door, my car had gone. The cheeky thief had come back while I was on the phone and taken the car. Next day I got an alarm system installed.