Karen Koren: It won’t be funny if I’m cut from comic chat

Jo Brand. Picture: Getty
Jo Brand. Picture: Getty
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KISS Me Honey, Honey! was an absolute triumph at the King’s Theatre. I hosted some drinks after the show and everyone was very happy. Lovely to see the show in a big theatre and for Andy Gray and Grant Stott to be on their old stomping ground. The crowd cheered and clapped from the minute they walked on stage, it was a very proud and special moment.

I felt slightly worse for wear the next morning boarding the 8am train to London. However, I had a wee sleep on the way and felt reasonably refreshed by the time I arrived. I was down to do a television interview for a show that is to be aired in early December on Channel 5. It’s one of these “best of” programmes, in this case, stand-up comics.

Colin Lennox is the producer. He worked for me many moons ago as the Gilded Balloon press officer. He also produced Late ’n’ Live Guide to Comedy, which was on BBC Scotland a year or so ago. He knows his comedy, as I do.

The first thing I had to do was name my top five stand-ups. This is how they choose the top acts. Each person they interview will name their top five and the list will be worked out accordingly. It will be interesting to see if my list is anywhere near the final result.

It all sounded very glamorous, but when I got there, we had to sit in a very dingy basement close to the South Bank (actually, it was freezing cold), as a tired film crew, who had been filming there all day, got to work.

I had to sit in front of a green screen, who knows what image they will drop onto it.

I had to talk about Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, above, Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Graham Norton, Frank Skinner, Johnny Vegas, Ross Noble, Michael McIntyre, Sarah Millican, Alan Carr, Peter Kay, Jack Whitehall, John Bishop and a few others.

If I am cut out of the edit, I will never do any interviews again!