Lynne McCrossan: City’s designer dream spoiled by online chancers

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LAST week, queues of excited girls lined up like lemmings on Princes Street in the vain hope of grabbing some sacred garbs.

Versace for H&M finally landed in store and it was like a military operation to make the second coming run smoothly.

The anticipation for this collection was palpable, with news of the collaboration finally confirmed last summer after months of speculation that it would never happen.

It was the first time the Capital was to be graced with such an event, all H&M’s past designer spin-offs have either gone to Glasgow or Aberdeen.

But last Thursday was Edinburgh’s time to shine. And within minutes the diffusion line that Donatella swore would never happen was snapped up by fashion-famished fans.

Then a few hours later the whole collection reappeared on eBay for double its original cost.

Now I’m aware we live in a capitalist society but seeing the little pink silk studded dress Versace designed for H&M up for auction at £279.99 when it retailed for £129.99 makes me want to find a tent and join the Occupy Edinburgh protesters in St Andrew Square.

When did we all get so greedy? This time we can’t blame the bankers.

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Next summer the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is opening a new fashion exhibition celebrating the best of famous British ballgowns from the 1950s to today. Dresses designed by McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, worn by the likes of Princess Diana and Bianca Jagger, will be on display from May. I can feel a wee fashion weekend away brewing.