Lynne McCrossan: I’m not flapping at my big chance with hemingway

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Heavily beaded silk chiffon drapes elegantly from a velvet hanger. Iridescent beads ground flimsy fabric giving the gown graceful gesture.

The dropped waist flatters its wearer, managing to look modern yet utterly old-worldly all at once. There is a cheekiness mixed with sexy sophistication in its design. A flamboyancy that alerts all wallflowers to steer well clear.

This is the era of the flapper – 1920s decadence done to excess. It’s a world that fascinates me, a world I will be storytelling in July. Wayne Hemingway is bringing his team’s award-winning Vintage Festival to sit inside the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow come summer. I have the privilege of being their fashion curator.

In a series of serendipitous moments I managed to stumble across a story I’m smitten by. A catch-up cuppa with House of Fraser press gal Kim turned into a history hunt around Hugh Fraser III. This character was made MD at the age of 21 in 1924 before becoming chairman in 1927.

He turned the family-run drapery business into the store we know today – Glasgow’s real-life Great Gatsby.

The show will be a homage to the 20s styled completely by current House of Fraser stock. Fellow Burghers, I implore you to come along the M8 and support me. I promise I won’t let our city down.

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