Lynne McCrossan: Our throwaway attitude just doesn’t add up

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GIVING garments up has never been my gamut.

So when I heard that one billion tonnes of clothing simply gets chucked away into landfill each year I shuddered at the thought.

This frightening figure was trotted out last week as both Marks and Spencer and Oxfam introduced “shwaping” across their stores.

Each time you buy a new item they encourage you to drop off something old at the same time, which they’ll recycle.


It’s a commendable concept but it really made me wonder how wasteful we’ve actually become.

I may be mocked for the sentimental hold clothes have over me but at least I value what I’ve bought.

We’re in recession, everyone is feeling stretched financially to some degree, yet one billion tonnes of clothing were scrapped in the UK alone without a second thought.

Channelling a little Carol Vorderman, I had to find out exactly how much that meant when put in monetary terms.

The average “cash for clothes” stores are pricing a kilo of clobber at 65p.

There are 1000 kilograms in a tonne at a cost of £650. Times that by one billion, and we’d be out of recession two times over with plenty spare cash left to treat ourselves to a new wardrobe.

It’s just straightforward economics.


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