On the Fringe: Christina Bianco

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IMPRESSIONIST and YouTube sensation Christina Bianco is currently appearing with Velma Celli in Divallusion, at Assembly Checkpoint.

An hour of musical hilarity, celebrating all things diva, the show boasts diverse sketches and musical mashups as both singers honour timeless divas, presenting familiar hits as you’ve never heard them before.

Christina Bianco. Pic: Comp

Christina Bianco. Pic: Comp

Describe yourself: Petite. Feisty. Determined. Candid. Playful. Hungry.

What do you do? I’m a singer, actor, writer and impressionist who has been very fortunate to keep a roof over my head doing what I love.

Best thing about doing what you do: I love live performances and getting to know each different audience. It’s all about the crowd for me, connecting with them and enjoying how they make each theatrical experience unique.

Worst moment ever (on stage): It was on the national tour of the Dora The Explorer Live musical. I was on stage with the actor playing Boots the Monkey and part of his ‘tail’ got caught in a trap door. He was supposed to slide down a slide with me but when he slid down, part of his tail stayed behind! The kids in the audience were freaking out because it looked like Boots was sustaining quite an injury. I had to improvise a lot of lines to keep the children calm, without letting on that he was an actor wearing a costume. It was very awkward!

Worst moment ever (off stage): I’d pick anything from the long list of unfortunate events having to do with my being too short to do something that average height people can do.

Best Edinburgh memory: This will be my first time at the festival so you’ll have to ask me again in a couple months.

Plane or Train? Definitely train. Planes take me everywhere but I’ll never really be comfortable flying. I love being on a train and watching the landscapes change out the window.

If you weren’t an entertainer, what would you be? I would be a sugar artist/cake decorator. I’m self-taught and certainly not polished but I get a thrill out of working with fondant, gum-paste and creating the perfect design for the specific event.

Who was the last text you received, from? My best friend Emily who just had her first baby. I’m a very proud Godmother.

When was the last time you cried? The last time I went away to work for a few weeks, I cried about leaving my dog Jeff.

Are you on Twitter? Yes indeed. My handle is @Xtinabianco1

Sell your show in five words: Unexpectedly shameless interpretations of divas.

Divallusion, Assembly Checkpoint, Bristo Place, until 21 August, 7.25pm, £12-14, 0131-623 3030