On The Fringe: Tom Price

Tom Price. Picture: contributed
Tom Price. Picture: contributed
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TOM Price is best known to fans of the BBC sci-fi series Torchwood as copper Andy Davidson. He’s also a stand-up and no stranger to the Fringe. This year, he brings his new show Not As Nice As He Looks to the Pleasance Courtyard.

Describe yourself: A labrador having a breakdown.

What do you do? Stand-up, acting, writing, radio presenting.

Best thing about doing what you do: The freedom to say what I like, when I like. C*cks.

Worst moment ever (on stage): Suggesting that a couple in the front row of a huge theatre gig got engaged. I expected him to squirm and for the lols to begin. He actually had a ring and was intending to do it in the interval, so he took his opportunity and got on stage and did it in front of 1200 people. Totally ruined the rest of the gig. Nothing is as entertaining as a real-life marriage proposal.

Worst moment ever (off stage): The time my extremely attractive Greek hairdresser was cutting the back of my hair, and without asking she reached down and began shaving my back. The indignity. Mind you – she did a great job. It’s like a dog’s bed down there. Sometimes when I go swimming people call pest control.

Best Edinburgh memory: Kitson MCing at Late And Live, 2002. It was a masterclass. I’ve never seen anything to even come close. The sheer avalanche of spontaneity, childish stupidity, joy, erudite riffs. It still haunts me to this day.

Plane or Train? Neither. Can’t I just stay here?

If you weren’t an entertainer, what would you be? Secure in myself, less needy, less competitive, respected by my wife.

Who was the last text you received, from? My wife: “Can you please remember to make the bed after your nap?”

When was the last time you cried? Watching Friday Night Lights, the box-set. It’s the best of the lot. The writing and performances are frighteningly good.

Are you on Twitter? Hell yes: @pricetom

Sell your show in five words: The day we change. C*cks.

Tom Price: Not As Nice As He Looks, Pleasance Courtyard, until 24 August, 9.30pm, £6-£10, 0131-226 0000