Preview: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Comedy of Errors. Propeller Theatre Co. Pic: Comp
Comedy of Errors. Propeller Theatre Co. Pic: Comp
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‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream is an absolute masterpiece. It’s lyrical, full of poetry and comedy and it’s got magic in it from the off.

“Our Comedy of Errors is set in a sort of 1980s package holiday island, where there are sombreros, sunglasses, too much sangria and sun, and people getting into trouble. It’s colourful, it’s fast, it’s funny.” - Edward Hall, artistic director.

Making Shakespeare accessible, that’s the aim of the acclaimed Propeller Theatre Company, who tour their productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Comedy of Errors to the King’s Theatre this week.

Hall’s all-male company have enchanted audiences around the world in their award-winning production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Arguably Shakespeare’s most magical play, love and illusion collide when two pairs of lovers become entangled in fairy mischief on the eve of a royal wedding.

Dreams and reality become interchangeable and romantic chaos ensues.

In The Comedy of Errors, the Bard’s most farcical play, two sets of estranged twins, separated at birth, find themselves in the same city 25 years later with hilarious consequences.

A series of mistaken identities, assumed personas and wild mishaps bring a family crisis – so complicated that time itself loses the plot. Fortunately the audience is always one step ahead...

Transporting The Comedy of Errors to a package-holiday destination where woozy, boozy licence reigns makes (at least a little) sense of Shakespeare’s most improbable plot.

Big hair, neon lights and a cheesy nightclub soundtrack make for a production that has more energy than a holiday rep at the start of the season.

And there’s no let-up: in the interval, a rag-tag band will busk disco classics – from an a capella Billie Jean to Gloria Estefan mariachi-style on the tuba.

If you ever thought Shakespeare was boring - see Propeller and think again.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, tonight, 7.30pm, tomorrow, 2pm & 7.30pm, and Saturday, 7.30pm, The Comedy of Errors, Friday, 7.30pm, Saturday, 2pm, King’s Theatre, Leven Street, £14-£29.50, 0131-529 6000