Review: Men in the Cities

Men In Cities Pic: Comp
Men In Cities Pic: Comp
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AN hour-and-a-half long, this one-man show won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but Chris Goode’s exploration of life in today’s busy, bustling, selfish modern-day cities is surprisingly compelling.

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Goode tells us of a collection of men waking up to face another day with all its incumbent challenges. For a father and a lover, that’s dealing with the inexplicable suicide of a son and a partner. For another, it’s avoiding the news to avoid hearing about a mate murdered outside the Royal Artillery Barracks.

At its core, this play focuses on the modern day temptation to plod through life, ‘withdrawn into my misery’, epitomised in an argument Goode himself recounts with his dad over a smashed plate and who should clear it up.

The production is incredibly simply but thoughtfully staged by director Wendy Hubbard. Imaginative lighting and a considered soundtrack help to demarcate the passage of time.

Goode is a wonderful, touching storyteller who radiates compassion as he delivers this howl of protest about a society that feels as if it has lost its way.

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