Review: The Voca People

The Voca People. Pic: Comp
The Voca People. Pic: Comp
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ALIENS have landed in Edinburgh. Doubtful if that’s newsworthy at this time of year, but what’s distinctive about the Voca People is that their craft is powered by music and they need to refuel.

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Luckily, the white-suited, dome-headed and, it turns out, harmonious souls have crash landed in front of a room full of initially slightly bemused humans.

Naturally enough, the lead alien picks a member of the audience and ‘downloads’ the history of human music.

The premise is a serviceable excuse for a talented group of singers to set about a breathless series a capella takes on pop classics, movie themes and an impressive classical selection.

Actually, a capella doesn’t begin to cover it – with tremendous beatboxing providing rhythm and momentum, it’s actually an eight-piece band where all the instruments happen to be vocals.

Audience interaction continues throughout; people brought on stage, used as instruments or, in one case, taken into the wings for . . . suffice to say that there are moments which stretch the ‘universal’ rating a little.

Spoiler alert: the Voca People did generate enough musical energy to be on their way. However, should the spaceship fault happen to recur, you should definitely consider stopping by to lend a hand.

Until 25 August