Review: The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh

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EDINBURGH is a historic city filled with historic failures. North Bridge, the Calton Hill acropolis and, more recently, the trams have been grand projects that became mired in incompetence and – hopefully, not the trams’ fate – were left permanently unfinished. With The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh, Cuth McWildered invites you on his own winding path of ineptitude.

Ostensibly a history walk of Edinburgh, Cuth acts as over-eager guide, clutching an OS map and wielding his rolled umbrella like Excalibur. He is assisted by the petulant and 
aggressively stupid Tony. What starts off as a typical tourist tramp soon detours into obscure streets, mistaken identities and Cuth’s unhappy lovelife.

The characters are endearing and well-drawn, while the script veers between parody and a pleasing silliness. Large chunks are borrowed from Scooby Doo. Furthermore, The World’s Greatest Tour makes witty use of Edinburgh. Even lifelong residents will see parts of the city they’ve never seen, nor would wish to.

In the rain the farce may try an audience’s patience, despite the umbrellas issued to every person. However, this is a fun outing that manages to include a historical nugget or two.

History may be written by the victors, but this loser tells it well.

Rating: ***

• Until August 27