Theatre Preview: Say It Again, Sam

Say It Again Sam. Picture: Comp
Say It Again Sam. Picture: Comp
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WHEN it comes to the classic film noir genre, there are only two things that you supposedly need; a girl and a gun. Say It Again, Sam at Sweet on the Grassmarket does have those vital ingredients. It’s just that it doesn’t really know how to use them.

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Jonathan Dawson’s script has the down and out detective, a seductress in a red dress and the dark streets of a city with too many secrets to hide. However, it loses its grasp of the era fairly early on and falls, head first, in the gutter. The cast have difficulty embracing the fast talking, emotionless, clenched jawed personalities found in any stylish noir character.

Though Dawson has done his homework, putting a kilt the style does not bring anything new to the much spoofed genre.

Yet, there’s still potential; many of the jokes do stand well and the imaginative opening title card sequence adds charm. We’re just not quite in Chinatown yet.

Until 25 August