Theatre review: Moving Family

Moving Family. Pic: Comp
Moving Family. Pic: Comp
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AT Just The Tonic @The Caves, two sets of siblings are sat in the back of a removal van, on their way to a new house and a new life with their newly partnered respective parents.

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Just The Tonic @The Caves

Kieran and Stef come from a huge house and a nice school and are more than a little disgruntled at having to socialise.

Carl and Lauri live in a less nice area and go to the local comprehensive. Though their annoyance is softened with the discovery that the new house has sky TV.

Written by Paul Charlton, star of hit BBC2 comedy series The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek, this play is billed as a comic look at teenage life and prejudice.

This polished production is nicely acted by the young cast but the ensuing bickering and jostling between the new step-family members sometimes stretches credulity.

A hugely important topic but the removal van doesn’t feel like the best vehicle for it.

Until 24 August