Theatre review: Snakes! The Musical

Snakes! The Musical
Snakes! The Musical
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SNAKES! The Musical is an epic £50 million production, boasting a cast of 38 and an enormous rotating stage with lasers. And snakes. Real snakes. In the head of it’s creator Thom Sellwood anyway.

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Just The Tonic at the Caves

At Just The Tonic at the Caves, for the more reasonable budget of £10,000 it’s two actors,Will Guppy and Marina Waters, Sellwood and a gold chair. The snakes are represented in the medium of interpretive dance.

Over the next hour Sellwood outlines the plot, high points and rocking musical numbers that will make this show a West End hit while Guppy and Waters play, well, everyone.

Following the fortunes of a man who just wants to get home to his kid as he boards a doomed plane home, Snakes takes a dramatic turn when snakes are discovered on board and start to decimate the passengers and crew. Why, yes, it is a familiar concept, but so brilliant you can’t help but think they should make a film of it.

A well crafted romp, the show has some beautifully observed touches that really endear you to the cast and production. You might just catch yourself humming the music as you leave - a rare thing indeed in at the Fringe.

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