This is Fitzrovia calling...

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TAKE a trip back in time to the golden age of the wireless at Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre next Wednesday.

That’s when the members of The Fitzrovia Radio Hour will recreate the unique spirit of 1940s radio plays, rekindling memories of a dinner-jacketed age of casual imperialism and stiff upper lips.

The troupe - which is already a hit at the Fringe - began in 2008 when they restaged a number of American radio plays of the 40s. Discovering that they “enjoyed wearing pencil moustaches and dinner jackets,” they expanded the troupe and began writing original material - all in a 1940s style, of course.

At the Brunton next week, the six-strong regular cast will portray more than 45 characters between them, using 117 different props along the way.

Throughout the plays, sound effects are created live using everything from a Bakelite hairdryer, which imitates a heating torch, to a desk fan which becomes the engines of an aeroplane.

There’s even a watering can and bucket which sound just like the Atlantic Ocean while multiple cabbages help to stage a fight scene.

Performed with cut-glass theatricality blending homage and satire, Fitzrovia mixes the chauvinist attitudes of 1940s Britain with sharp contemporary humour to produce an evening of rippingly good fun.

Join them for an nostalgic evening in ration-book Britain.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Wednesday, 7.30pm, £11.25, 0131-665 2240