TV: Old friends, New tricks

New Tricls. Pic: ITV
New Tricls. Pic: ITV
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WHILE other TV coppers may be loners and mavericks, New Tricks’ Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad definitely have a gang mentality.

Even the fact that Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) is the only original member hasn’t dented their camaraderie.

So far this series we’ve seen them discussing cases over a game of pool, taking in a few frames at a 10-pin bowling alley, and even barreling along the streets of London on a ‘pedibus’.

As Scot, Denis Lawson, who plays Steve McAndrew, explains, “The team often act as a surrogate family.

“Tamzin Outhwaite’s character meets a new man later in the series and we’re a bit like older brothers, we want to check him out. We’re cross examining him, making sure he is the right kind of guy for her.”

And apparently, it’s much the same off camera as well. Denis says, “There’s an underlying humour throughout the series...which is great.

“I always enjoy the scenes with Dennis Waterman, particularly when we’re playing comedy.

“There’s a moment where we actually wake up in bed together after a very heavy night, no idea of where we are but we suddenly realise we’re in the same bed.

“We’re definitely trying to assert our masculinity. I love that immediacy on camera with Dennis, he’ll just throw some extra lines in and at times it’s so funny you have to try hard to hold it together.”

But while Steve may be able to rely on his colleagues for support, it’s a different matter when it comes to the retired detective’s actual family.

And this week, Steve’s private and work lives collide, as his son is arrested for buying cannabis.