TV Review: Hidden

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BBC One, 9pm, last night

IF you’ve stuck with Hidden then you’re clearly someone who enjoys an obscure plot dressed up with some pretty lights, political intrigue and the unique acting talents of Philip Glenister.

After dumping his mate at hospital to get his shotgun wound patched up, Harry and Gina were back on the seemingly endless trail of obscure clues.

When the two leads are fumbling around in the dark it’s time to worry, although at least with this being the finale we could be sure some puzzles would be wrapped up.

And after tracking down the missing laptop of shady thug Styles, and realising that David Suchet’s Sir Nigel Fountain wasn’t exactly squeaky clean, they were at least finally on the right track.

The main event was a press conference set up as the start of a revolution, and there were some neat twists along the way which almost justified the obscure nature of the show, not least Harry’s presumed-dead brother popping up as an assassin.

That it all turned on Harry finding the one file in a million on the laptop - and even getting past the customer services desk - was a little far-fetched.