TV Soap preview: River City

Kelly-Marie. Picture: BBC
Kelly-Marie. Picture: BBC
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This week in Shieldinch... a desperate Kelly-Marie takes matters into her own hands; a vengeful Lenny does his own detective work to find Callum leading to a dramatic showdown; and Gina starts to have doubts about marrying Greg.

BBC One Scotland, 8pm

WITH no news of Callum, Kelly-Marie is beside herself with worry, convinced her son is dead.

And when the police make the decision to hide the abduction from the public with a media blackout, Kelly-Marie fears the search for Cal has gone cold. A local journalist hones in on a fragile Kelly-Marie, (Carmen Pieraccini, pictured) persuading her that his newspaper can help where the police are failing.

Ignoring police advice, she speaks to the paper about Callum. Will and DCI Donald are infuriated by Kelly-Marie’s actions - the newspaper interview could spook the kidnappers and put Callum in even more danger but the frantic mother is unrepentant. Acting on a possible sighting of Callum, the police investigate an abandoned flat. There they find a phial of drugs, hair clippers and blood-stained clothes – but no Cal.

After the police confirm the blood is Callum’s, a guilt-ridden Kelly-Marie agonises over whether her rogue press appeal is responsible. Desperate to find answers, she turns to Lenny for help who confesses there has been another ransom demand.

It is the opportunity they have been waiting for and, unbeknown to the police, Kelly-Marie and Lenny join forces, heading off with the ransom money to meet one of the kidnappers, Carla. A race-against time follows with a dramatic showdown and repercussions which will tear the family apart.

Elsewhere, Gina appears to be having second thoughts about marrying Greg, worried that the timing is all wrong with Cal missing.