TV This week: The Widower| Person Of Interest

The Crimson Field. Pic:  BBC
The Crimson Field. Pic: BBC
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Your pick of this week’s TV.


The Widower (STV, 9pm)

THIS drama, charting Malcolm Webster’s 13-year trail of murder and deceit, has also gone down a storm. In the latest offering, Malcolm and Simone are engaged and undergoing IVF treatment for a child. However, DS Charlie Henry gets suspicious when Malcolm is treasurer of an angling club, and is secretly embezzling funds.


New Worlds (Channel 4, 9pm)

TO set the scene, this first episode opens in 1680, and after 20 years on the throne, Charles II seems to have forgotten about his initial promises of tolerance, and is instead stamping out some of the hard-won rights of the Civil War.

But not everyone is happy to go back to the way things were before the conflict...


Monkey Planet (BBC One, 9pm)

IN this fascinating three-part series, zoologist Dr George McGavin gets up-close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating primate species.

In the first episode, he meets an orang-utan who uses soap to improve her personal hygiene, heads 100 metres underground to a secluded monkey dormitory, and finds out about fluorescent mandrills who adorn themselves with warpaint before setting out to do battle.


Person Of Interest (Channel 5, 10pm)

IN this week’s instalment, Reese is held with three other men in 72-hour custody by special agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown), and Carter (Taraji P Henson) is tasked with getting him off the island without Donnelly suspecting that Reese is actually the vigilante he’s been pursuing.


Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie (STV, 9pm)

FOR two years Martin Clunes has been trying to make a film about Tony Fitzjohn, who used to live and work with George Adamson. Here the actor visits Fitzjohn in Kenya, and meets Mugie, the first lion cub to be brought to the Kora camp for a quarter of a century.


The Voice - Live Final (BBC One, 7pm)

THE acts have been trained, coached and mentored, now only four remain. In tonight’s grand final total power lies with the viewers as each of the four finalists face the public vote in a bid to win a lucrative recording contract.

Each artist will perform a song of their choice and Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson will also perform an exclusive duet with their finalist.

After the act with the lowest number of votes leaves the competition, the remaining three will perform again. At the end of the show Emma Willis and Marvin Humes will reveal the results of the public vote and announce the winner of The Voice UK 2014.


The Crimson Field (BBC One, 9pm)

SARAH Phelps’ epic new drama The Crimson Field follows the lives of a team of doctors, nurses and women volunteers who work together in a tented field hospital healing the bodies and souls of men wounded in the trenches.

In the first episode, Kitty Trevelyan tries to put the troubles of her past behind her as she joins two other girls, Flora Marshall and Rosalie Berwick, to volunteer at one of the busiest war hospitals in Northern France.