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Harry’s Arctic Heroes

BBC One, 9pm, last night.

HE might be the spare to his brother’s more glamorous heir, but in recent years at least there is little doubt that Prince Harry has done a great deal to boost both his own tarnished image and that of the Royal Family.

From the drunken buffoon who thought dressing up as a Nazi was the height of hilarity, the young Prince has morphed into a slightly more sober young man who is not only keen to do his bit for Granny and country but is also throwing himself into good causes.

One of these is Walking with the Wounded, and as Patron, Prince Harry joined wounded Afghan veterans on a 200-mile trek to the North Pole.

As well as admiration for the Royal support, which went above the call of duty at times, it’s hard not to feel a strong sense of pride at the sheer courage of the soldiers who never give up, despite battling brutal conditions.

Indeed, so effective were they that the fact that one had a broken back while others were missing a leg and arm was almost forgotten.