‘I’d worry if this was on my doorstep’

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Rebecca Ridley, 20, and Lucy Pressland, 20

“We’re both former Portobello High pupils and there is no question that there needs to be a new school,” says Rebecca, left.

“I suppose it is a shame for the people who live near the proposed site though.”

Lucy adds: “My mum walks her dog a lot in Portobello Park, so I understand the arguments for keeping it, but I just think it is more important to have a new school.”

James Stafford, 30

“I live around here and understand how important it is to have a new school. The park is a great space though and I wouldn’t want to lose that.”

Elizabeth Arundel, 80,

and Yvonne Kane, 51

“I am very worried about safety near Portobello Park, should the new school be built there,” says Elizabeth, left, who lives near the park.

“I worry about the kids being in accidents because of the traffic. But I also don’t think it’s fair we could be getting it in our neighbourhood.

“I worked at the high school for 26 years and I know that some children can be troublesome, many with no respect for others.

“I would worry if this was on my doorstep. It’s such a shame.”

Yvonne, her daughter, adds: “I’m not against plans for the school to be build on Portobello Park. I really think it would be a good thing and it would be nice to see a new school building.”

Tom Murdoch, 36

“I live in Joppa and I’m quite happy for the new school to be built on Portobello Park. I can understand how some local residents feel though.

“A relative of mine lives in Duddingston Village and worries a lot about the children from the nearby Holy Rood High School.

“Sometimes there is a lot of mess or damaged bus stops, which can upset local residents.

“Saying that, the current Portobello High School has been there for years and is really out of date. People only really walk their dogs in the park.”