Krispy Kreme marks 1.2m Edinburgh customers a year

Huge queues greeted the arrival of Krispy Kreme a year ago. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Huge queues greeted the arrival of Krispy Kreme a year ago. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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It was the day Edinburgh went completely dough-nutty. The arrival of the Krispy Kreme store in Edinburgh last February was met with scenes usually reserved for everything-must-go sales as a sweet-toothed queue snaked round the block – in the snow – waiting for the doors to open.

The following days and weeks would see traffic chaos at Hermiston Gait and mile-long tailbacks as seemingly everyone in the Capital rushed to get their new sugar fix.

Krispy Kreme in Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Krispy Kreme in Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Police had to be called to keep order, people waited hours in traffic jams and all the while there were howls of derision from healthy eating campaigners.

Twelve months on and, if you believe the store bosses, Edinburgh’s love affair with the demon doughnut shows no sign of letting up.

In fact, figures released by the branch to mark its first birthday show an incredible 1.2 million people have been through its doors in the first year.

Branch manager John Moore says: “Popularity has not diminished at all. For example just now, the queue is almost out the door on a rainy afternoon.”

The branch has had some special requests over its first 12 months, including doughnuts ordered to be used for marriage proposals with the big question written on them. Whether any were successful is not known, however.

It has also developed “bite and reveal” doughnuts for baby showers which allows people to guess what they consist of and, taking it all the way from the cradle to the grave, they have even received orders for wakes at funerals.

An Edinburgh air steward, meanwhile, is currently munching his way through a year’s supply of the treats after winning a competition which encouraged people to “pose with their favourite doughnut” and send in their pictures. “I’m Krispy Kreme obsessed,” admits David Scott, 25.

Many couples have swapped the traditional three-tiered fruit cake for their favourite dessert as the shop has also seen a large amount of wedding cake orders in the past year.

Prices of the wedding ­towers start at £280, with 183 glazed doughnuts in all.

But perhaps the most memorable event for staff happened just last month when a woman gave birth in the car park on the way to get her fix.

The expectant mother was apparently visiting to try and satisfy her pregnancy cravings but only got as far as the car park before her waters broke.

After 15 long minutes in labour, the father delivered the baby in the car.

Krispy Kreme staff later took care of the paramedics with free doughnuts and coffee when they arrived.

The family came in with their newly born son, named Justin, a few days after to thank the staff and received a Family Gold Card which entitles them to a Double Dozen box every month for the next year.

Edinburgh was the first Krispy Kreme to come to Scotland last year and there are no definite plans for any new shops popping up any time soon in Scotland.

The company has admitted it is “delighted” with the “unprecedented” success of the Edinburgh store, however, and admits customer numbers had been “way beyond our expectations”.

However, nutritionists are continuing to question the health consequences of Edinburgh’s new doughnut obsession.

The company’s classic glazed doughnut contains 217 calories and 13g of fat while the Cookies & Kreme doughnut has a hefty 380 calories and 17g of fat.

Emma Conroy, nutritionist and owner of Edinburgh Nutrition, said: “No-one is claiming that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a health food, the general perception is that they are notoriously indulgent, high calorie foods that can be enjoyed as an occasional treat, like McDonald’s.

“Particularly concerning are in fact the drinks that have been added to the menu. The Chocolate Chiller for example, contains an incredible 1050 calories, more than half a woman’s entire day’s calories.

“So, if you must have a trip to Krispy Kreme, stick to the Krispy Kreme Originals, and steer clear of the sugar-laden drinks.”