Leigh Griffiths on verge of suicide over abuse

Leigh Griffiths says he was driven to the brink of suicide. Pic: Jane Barlow

Leigh Griffiths says he was driven to the brink of suicide. Pic: Jane Barlow

FORMER Hibs star Leigh Griffiths today told how he had been driven to the brink of suicide after months of internet abuse aimed at his children.

The Scotland striker said he had suicidal thoughts after being targeted by internet trolls who posted vile messages about his kids.

The situation came to a head early this year when ex-partner Linzi McCartney, 21, was expecting their second son Jacob and one cyber bully left a post wishing death on the unborn child.

Griffiths, 23, said: “Someone on Twitter wanted my kids dead. I thought about suicide because I’d had enough. I didn’t tell anyone what I was thinking.”

But he said his family had saved his life after he had been plunged into despair.

His brother, Paul Tansey, 28, and his wife Sarah, 32, took him from his Edinburgh flat to care for him at their home in Bonnyrigg.

“Some of the abuse myself and my kids have had to suffer has been utterly sickening.

“But going to Paul and Sarah’s home and getting away from everything – not telling anyone where I was apart from them – was such a help. This was my safe haven.”

As well as baby Jacob, Griffiths has a two-year-old son Rhys with Ms McCartney, a two-year-old daughter Kacie with Vikki Burns, 22, and a one-year-old daughter Layla with Emma Cameron, 20.

It was a text he sent to Ms Burns which raised the alarm about his despair.

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