Letters: At a loss after helping out airport’s customers

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For a taxi driver to pick up a pre-booked fare at Edinburgh Airport, the driver has to enter the short stay car park, where you press a button for a ticket to lift the barrier.

The customer waits at the foot of car park until the driver picks them up.

To leave the car park you have to pay £2.50. This is actually a 15-minute parking charge.

The taxi driver is in and out in less than two minutes.

Some years ago, before the introduction of a new barrier system, the taxi driver would get eight minutes free to pick up.

In the long-stay car park, with the same barrier system, there is a first ten minutes free slot.

Em Park UK Ltd has the tender for these car parks at present.

I would like to ask the airport and Em Park how they can justify charging myself and colleagues for picking up their passengers to their destinations.

Unlike the £1 drop-off fee, the taxi driver is not licensed to pass on the £2.50 fee to their passengers.

I would also like to mention that Network Rail allows you 30 minutes free parking in New Street car park to pick up or drop off their passengers at Waverley Station.

Why should the taxi driver be out of pocket for doing his job, taking the airport’s customers to their destinations?

Ian Marinello, Prospect Bank Place, Edinburgh

Demand cash before it is frittered away

Jim Devine is a disgraced former Labour MP who was jailed for submitting false parliamentary expense claims of £8385.

It is reported that he fled to Ireland to escape his debts (News, July 15).

One person he owes money to is his former office manager, Marion Kinley, who was awarded £35,000 after she won her claim for constructive unfair dismissal.

She has not received a penny.

What makes this even worse is that Devine, right, is receiving an MP’s pension to fund his new life.

This should have been forfeited when he was sent to prison.

Authorities must demand that money due to Marion Kinley is taken off each month, until the debt is fully paid, from Devine’s pension before he squanders it in pubs and betting shops in Killarney.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Tories comfortable with segregated sport

Your story said there was cross-party support for Alex Salmond’s decision to absent himself from the Open Golf championship because of the host club’s “men-only” membership stance (News, July 16).

However, as far as I could see all of Edinburgh’s Conservatives who were asked said they disagreed with Mr Salmond – with one exception, who said he would not attend because he was not interested in golf.

In other words, it seems that the Tories locally are quite comfortable with segregated clubs right at the pinnacle of sport.

Gavin Corbett, Green councillor for Fountainbridge – Craiglockhart

Alex right to show his pride in Andy Murray

Re the letter in Saturday’s News from Jim Taylor, is he ashamed of the Saltire? I think Alex Salmond was right to show how proud he is of Andy Murray.

An announcer on Radio 5 Live stated “Andy Murray won Wimbledon for England”! Whether prompted or not I don’t know but shortly after stated “and Scotland too of course”. I am a patriotic Scot and when the English claim one of ours has won for them it makes me angry.

Liz Schop, Edinburgh

Not surprised at lack of action over mice

I READ “I’m so petrified about mice infestation that I can’t sleep” (News, July 10) which was a very good article, however I would like to point out that the spokesperson for Castle Rock is ignorant of the tenants that live at Lauriston Park and has tarred them all with the same brush, suggesting that we are all dirty.

As far as Castle Rock is concerned any tenant will do, so long as they and the council get their money.

They are not shy at increasing charges, however we don’t seem to get any improved services for our money so I wasn’t surprised they are doing nothing to help with the mouse situation in individual flats, and I continue to feel helpless. Margaret Hughes, Lauriston Park, Edinburgh

Devastating to miss the last goodbye

GOOD on the children of Elizabeth McLean who moved for an interim 24-hour delay to the funeral service for their mother as they appealed for a police investigation (News, July 10).

Steven McLean and Ruth Van Doorn raised suspicions concerning their mother’s death and revealed their anguish after being informed four days after their mum had passed away.

They spoke of their devastation at being ignored by Ferrylee Care Home where their late mum lived out her last days.

They must have been left traumatised that they hadn’t been told to come into the home to say their last goodbyes.

My mother passed away in her sleep at Ferrylee Care Home last year.

My husband and I were not told to go down and we got a phone call to say she had passed away in the early hours of the morning, which was deeply heartbreaking.

There were a few times when I too was ignored when I told staff I felt my late mother was not well.

My sympathies are with the late Mrs McLean’s family, I know just how upset they are.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh