Letters: Council must stand by its word on Waterworld

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For the past four months, Splashback has been working in co-operation with City of Edinburgh Council councillors and officials. Together we have been progressing the bid to reopen Leith Waterworld as a community hub for health and wellbeing. We were, therefore, surprised and naturally dismayed to learn last week that the council is considering an alternative bid for the site.

From the start of our campaign, we were concerned about three things: 1. the potential future of the site in the heart of Leith; 2. the impact that closure would have on the community and families in an area of known deprivation; and 3. the impact on children’s participation in swimming throughout the city at a time when not only is childhood obesity is on the rise, but also one in three kids leaves primary school not being able to swim.

We were delighted, therefore, when, on January 31 this year, the city’s councillors overwhelmingly voted to work with Splashback until the end of the year to develop a feasible business plan for a community-run Leith Waterworld.

This Thursday, the city’s councillors have to decide on the following: Will they stand by their commitment, made in January, in the chamber and on record, to the people of Edinburgh that they would work with the community on a bid until the end of December? Will they continue to work with us in order to secure the best deal for toddlers, children, families and the disabled – making sure that there is affordable and adequate swimming facilities for ALL of our communities? Or will they allow a commercial bid, with limited health and wellbeing benefits, derail the first cooperative project the council has embarked upon with Edinburgh’s citizens?

We ask that the councillors consider this carefully and weigh up what is in the best interest of their constituents, whom they are, after all, elected to serve.

Johnny Gailey, On behalf of Splashback

Pub boss should be ashamed

I WAS really disgusted reading about the Ensign Ewart pub refusing to serve military personnel in uniform (News, May 24).

As an ex-Scots Grey I was happy to go in for a pint around 50 years ago, hoping I might get one on the house, (no such luck).

However, I still had a pint on the odd occasion while on a jaunt up to the Castle HQ.

On hearing about the sailors from HMS Edinburgh being refused, especially after being awarded the freedom of the city I was totally 

I fully agree with the campaign to either change its name or its policies. I think the publican should be ashamed.

Archie Bell, Bellevue Street, Edinburgh

Beware of the Swivel Eyed Loon Party

One of the nastiest pieces of political opportunism is a politician, on the back of a national tragedy, returning to the House of Commons legislation which has already been rejected, hoping to knee jerk it into law by an emotional back door ... which is precisely what the Swivel Eyed Loon Party is trying to do at Westminster with the snoopers’ charter.

The problem with new powers to scrutinise telephone and internet records without applying for a warrant, is that once granted for the prevention of terrorism they will be used by law enforcement agencies (and others – don’t forget the surveillance operations carried out by town and city councils) for other purposes.

An alert law enforcement officer approaches every new power, regardless of its original purpose, with the question ‘how can I interpret this to my advantage?’ . . . and does.

The data scrutiny powers in the snoopers’ charter already exist, albeit scrutinised by judges, magistrates and sheriffs via the warrant application system.

That is precisely how they should remain.

If The Liberal and Labour parties fail to put Theresa May back in her box, they will have betrayed the whole of the UK.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Too quick off mark for Final celebrations

Although it was never a certainty that Hibs would lose the Scottish Cup Final meaning that there would be no victory parade, why did the council go to the expense and hassle of putting up barriers and enforcing parking restrictions around the streets of Easter Road throughout Sunday?

Surely it would have made more sense to have waited until the result was known before making the necessary preparations.

It may be a rather trivial point and they may have had security issues in mind but it is rash and wasteful
action like this that the current
incumbents of the City Chambers have become synonymous with.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

‘Stalkers’ are a threat to tourism revenue

Nigel Farage is quite right to call his stalkers fascists. What worries me most about the whole incident is the impression it will give to expatriate Scots.

If Scotland is to succeed as an independent nation it will need to attract investment from the US, Canada and the Antipodes. Overall, I am quite optimistic about Scottish independence, but these “national socialists” could ruin Scotland and turn her into a pariah state saddled with 

Scotland has a great tradition of liberalism and free thought to draw upon. The visit of Mr Farage could have been an opportunity to engage in dialogue, rather than viewed as some kind of threat.

What will potential tourists think of the incident? It might have lost Edinburgh millions of pounds of

Douglas Lyell, Cornwall