Letters: Mend fences to prevent barrier grief at tram works

Tram works barriers had been blown down at Coates Crescent.
Tram works barriers had been blown down at Coates Crescent.
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How much more trams mismanagement and incompetence must the residents and business owners of this city tolerate?

Following the collapsed sewer at Haymarket and the closure of a restaurant for an “indefinite” period, most of the works’ safety barriers between Haymarket Terrace and Princes Street have blown down, exposing deep excavations that warning signs flag alarmingly.

Coates Crescent is a case in point where on Sunday there was no effective barrier for the wandering child or foolhardy adult.

Where were the health and safety proponents of the council and contractors to restore safety for pedestrians and secure valuable plant equipment? Nowhere to be seen, and with hundreds of thousands of pounds of plant equipment lying idle at great cost to the council taxpayers serious questions must again be asked about the oversight of these works.

Isn’t it time for the First Minister to show some leadership and instigate a public inquiry (before his referendum) so that facts can be made public and consequential retribution delivered to those responsible – before they can slink off into obscurity and forgetfulness? The excuse that an inquiry would divert valuable resources from the project is cynical and fools no-one.

Kicking the unpalatable truths down the road is a disservice to our city and a shoddy attempt to bury bad news.

Dennis Connolly, Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh

Tell your children bikes aren’t toys

I WRITE with regard to your coverage of the death of one of my young constituents, Daniel Baird (News, May 9).

The article inferred that this young man was still the same person of four years ago. I can say that as a local ward councillor for the area for the last five years that Danny had changed his ways over the last four years, so much so that you would have thought he had moved away.

He has paid dearly for this lapse in judgement, as has his family.

This is another motorcycle tragedy, as you have pointed out, the third to hit our community since 2006. We need the help of the families to stop their young people.

It is maybe a thrill for the young person on the bike, but it’s a life of heartache for the family you leave behind.

Motorcycles are not toys and humans are not immortals.

Please stop your kids before it is your turn.

Mike Bridgman, councillor for Portobello/Craigmillar

Greens will be critical friends

LOCAL Labour and SNP leaders may feel their double-act has sewn the city up (News, May 11) but Edinburgh faces many challenges over the next five years and beyond.

It needs to become a fairer city: tackling low pay, providing jobs and training for young people and respecting the dignity of our older citizens as they need more care.

We want it to be a greener, cleaner city: with dry, warm homes and a transport system that is safe and accessible for everyone.

Above all, there is a need to rebuild confidence in the council as a way of meeting all of these challenges. As our contribution we have published a Green Commitment to Edinburgh, setting out our pledge to work for a more open and interactive style of government.

We want to work with Councillor Burns and Councillor Cardownie and their colleagues to achieve those aims and act as a critical friend when the council falls short.

By doing this we aim to acknowledge our thanks to people in Edinburgh for voting Green in such increased numbers on May 3.

Steve Burgess, Maggie Chapman, Nigel Bagshaw, Melanie Main, Chas Booth and Gavin Corbett

Host a bash to honour our teams

AS Edinburgh braces itself for what should be a memorable sporting weekend, when the issue is decided perhaps it would be appropriate if the officials and players of both Hibs and Hearts were to be given some sort of civic reception.

Only one club can win the trophy but as this historic Edinburgh event may never occur again perhaps a joint celebration would be the ideal way in which to commemorate this one-off happening.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh