Letters: Penalty for parents must be done with conviction

Children can be removed if factors such as domestic violence in the home are considered a threat
Children can be removed if factors such as domestic violence in the home are considered a threat
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I have concerns with the article “Child welfare register cases soar by 20 per cent in five years” (News, August 8).

If children are at a proven risk of serious harm or endangerment then social services will have my full support in removing the concerned children. I certainly do not wish to see another Baby P situation arising.

I do, however, have serious concerns about the way social service departments across the country come to the decisions they make regarding the welfare of children and their families.

I personally know of a young family in another part of the country who had their child removed from them within 24 hours of the birth.

The parents themselves had done nothing wrong and do not have any criminal convictions that would have given concern for their ability to care for a child. However, someone closely related to one of the parents does have a conviction for actions against a child.

The parents went through almost a year of sheer hell before finally being reunited with their child and there were times when they thought they would never see their child again.

The role of social services should be to remove children from their families if there are serious concerns for a child’s welfare. However, I feel that they should also be trying to keep families together.

Alastair Macintyre, Webster Place, Rosyth, Fife

Bandstand’s been music to my ears 

On behalf of all the citizens and tourists of our wonderful city, may I thank the kind benefactor who has made it possible for the Ross Bandstand to be used during the Festival.

My husband and I sat in the sun and enjoyed the music of Scottish talent for free.

There is music from noon until 7pm every day all because this person couldn’t bear to see the Bandstand unused for another year.

The musicians are giving their time for free and any donations received are being given to Edinburgh charities.

I can’t think of anything nicer that I’ve heard of in a long while.

This benefactor is doing the job that the council should be doing.

Go along and support these young artists, we certainly will.

Christine Watt, Edinburgh

It’s time to break the hunger cycle

World Vision, a charity I support, has launched a report stating that millions of people in West Africa are now living through a permanent food crisis, putting a generation of children at risk of death and disability from malnutrition.

Drought and hunger can be slow, silent destroyers of childhoods and trap communities in a seemingly everlasting hunger cycle. But it is clear there are no quick fixes.

World Vision is trying to break the hunger cycle by working with local governments and communities to put in place long-term plans.

The money raised in World Vision’s West Africa appeal will help families today, tomorrow and the day after.

I encourage everyone to support their work, find out more and get involved in an attempt to break this deadly hunger cycle.

Mrs Margaret Grant, Edinburgh