Letters: Pensioners have earned right to free bus passes

Many pensioners rely on free services
Many pensioners rely on free services
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IT is with dismay and anger that I reply to Arthur Homan-Elsy’s letter about pensioners’ bus passes (News, April 24).

I would like to advise him and others who write in about the same subject that older people have contributed a massive amount of money in order to receive this concession. Surely it is not too much to ask that we can use the bus pass, especially when we are not close to supermarkets.

Indeed, some pensioners’ only way of enjoying company is going on the bus.

Why does Mr Homan-Elsy not turn his attention to the non-contributors or the complete waste of resources being spent on the trams, which pensioners will probably never be able to afford to travel on?

It seems this is the year to kick and abuse the pensioners – we will fight back!

Phillis McCabe, Prestonfield Road, Edinburgh

Pulling posters is bad sign for polls

With the mismanagement of the trams project, the statutory repairs fiasco, school closures and botched attempts to privatise public services, it is certainly the case that Edinburgh has bigger things to worry about.

But Gina Davidson (News, April 26) is bang on to lament the banning of lamppost posters at election time and to fear the impact on voter turnout. At absolutely no cost to the taxpayer the posters were the most visible reminder that an election was on.

So it is rank hypocrisy of Cllr Cardownie (also April 26) to express the same fears as Gina. After all, it was the SNP, along with the Tories and Lib Dems, which voted to ban the posters.

Gavin Corbett, Briarbank Terrace, Edinburgh

Where have the pigeons flown?

ONCE upon a time there were five metal pigeons set into the pavement where they guarded the entrance to Elm Row.

One vanished under mysterious circumstances, perhaps proudly gracing someone’s garden or, more likely, long melted in an illicit foundry.

The remaining four were removed around the time when the clock and surrounding flower beds at the top of London Road were dismantled in preparation for the tram works along the walk. Where are they now?

There is no prospect of an extension of the tram system beyond St Andrew Square in the foreseeable future, perhaps in the lifetime of many of those who endured disruption for, in hindsight, no benefit.

Is it not time that all of these features were reinstated?

Archie Davidson, Caroline Terrace, Edinburgh

Be early or you will be locked out

REGARDING your story “Parade fans face ground ban” (News, April 26). Both Hearts and Hibs are in the process of determining their preferred routes on Sunday May 20 for a victory parade, should they be celebrating a Scottish Cup win.

Both clubs are having a ticketed event at their stadiums where the cup will also be paraded. People who want to watch the street parade and attend the stadium event must proceed to the stadium prior to the arrival of the bus, as we have been informed that it is the intention to close turnstiles prior to the bus reaching its destination.

Fans are therefore encouraged to get to the stadium as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of being locked out.

Councillor Steve Cardownie, deputy leader of the council

Council delay has split community

ON Thursday night I witnessed a well-orchestrated demonstration of support for a project which divides the community.

Portobello Community Council’s standing orders were used to provide a platform for the group who support a school in the park to question those who support replacing the school and keeping the park.

Portobello Park Action Group (PPAG) are resolving through the courts a legal issue which the council has avoided for four years. The appeal is not a part of the consultation process and is not influenced by public demonstrations – it is for the courts to rule on.

The council’s reluctance to find out if they could secure the site has split the community. If PPAG are forced to drop their appeal we may well get a new school but we won’t get justice.

Archie Burns, Pittville Street, Edinburgh